What makes Oasis special ?

With more than 10 years’ experience in providing successful high-quality programs to people worldwide, we got an idea of why staying with us will make your journey in Mexico an astonishing learning adventure.

1. We’re more than a school..we’re family.

Oasis crew friendly nature creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you’ll definitely enjoy learning. Our aim is to share our passions and to inspire your love both for Spanish culture and language as well as Surfing.

2. Great location, nearby everything!

Oasis Surf & Spanish School is perfectly located near central town of lovely Puerto Escondido, distance walking to our Surf Houses and the internationally renowned beaches. By day and night, a busy cafe, restaurant and bar scene brings live music and a freewheeling, unpretentious cozy life.

3. Everyone get to learn and improve

No matter your age, your level and your background, Oasis team has an experienced and flexible crew to enhance your evolution level both as a surfer and a Spanish.

4. Qualified and high-quality guidance

Lessons are conducted only by certified and experienced tutors, complying with international quality and safety standards and ensuring an exceptional and efficient educational service.

5. One-to-one service

Lessons are private or semi-private (up to 2 pupils’ max.) and individual tailor-made according your particular areas of interest or concern to better reach your goals.

6. Enjoy learning, we’ll take care of the rest

All material learning and first-class equipment needed for Spanish and Surf training has been specifically designed and produced from our in-house expertise and provided to you througout the program! From workbooks and worksheets for the educational program to all-sizes adapted surfboards and rash guards for surfers.

7. Flexible and convenient schedule

According to your agenda and your budget, we offer an ample schedule every day of the week and generous opening hours for booking as many lessons as you need.

8. All included means more for us

All students booking a 1 week all-included package or more, we’ll benefit from free of cost : Fitness for Surfing enjoyable sessions, Spanish Culture excursions and personalized advanced surfing coach training and photo and video review to improve more technical skills required for advanced surfers. Leaded and supervised by Roger Ramirez, the surfing coach training will help you to evaluate your surf  progress, polish your style, remember your better waves off to your family and friends!

 9. We also know how to have fun!

Wide-range of outdoor activities and excursions are proposed to our hosts according to their interest: surf trips, snorkel, dive, swim, tan, and go sport fishing or look for turtles, dolphins and whales. Mexican cooking lessons, dance classes… We’ll help you to maximize your vacation!

10. Better quality-to-price ratio of services

Excellent, according to 10 out of 10 of our clients. Current list have been written by us, so check out Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook and Instagram reviews to read testimonials of former students and actual friends to corroborate 🙂

More than 10 years providing professional, high-quality surf and spanish lessons at an affordable rate. Best learning experience in Mexico !