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Oasis families around the world!

Note from the editor: For this week´s blog post, we are doing things a bit differently. Normally I sit down for an informal interview with our guests, more like a chat, and write something based off our conversation. We ran out of time before the McGlue family departed though, so I sent a set of questions via email instead. Cheyenne´s responses were so genuine and thoughtful that we decided to leave them in the original Questions/Answer format. This is what Oasis is all about; not just Spanish and surf lessons, but a true experience.

Hola Jaimee, 

“It is so hard to put into words how we feel about PE and Oasis – almost immediately it has felt like our home away from home (at times I would say it feels more like home to me than where we live in the US) – so much love and welcoming. A beautiful town full of beautiful people.”

Muchas Gracias

Cheyennefamilia 1


  1. 1.General background info – where you guys are from, ages of the kids, other hobbies/interests at home, etc.

We are from Golden, Colorado (for the moment). Dillon is 17 and Ronan is 15.  Dillon rock climbs competitively, coaches and plays on his high school ultimate frisbee team. Ronan plays ultimate frisbee and indoor soccer and enjoys pick-up basketball at the gym. The boys and Mike also ski. Mike enjoys going to the gym daily and biking. I enjoy yoga a few days a week and climbing. As a family we love to travel and spend time outdoors – camping, stand up paddle board, walking with our dog Bella.

  1. When and how did you first end up coming to Puerto Escondido and to Oasis? 

I knew about Puerto Escondido from my sister who has been coming there for 15 years, but never had the chance to visit. We had the opportunity to travel there when my husband found an international medical rotation he could do during his third year of residency.  We met Sol through that program, CFHI. While Michael worked and did Spanish lessons, the boys and I surfed every day with Oasis. We were there for a month in July of 2016 and we fell in love with the town and the people. We have been back 3 times and just purchased land!


  1. Tell us more about the land you purchased and your long-term plans. Why did you choose this location? Will you build a home and move here?

YES, we purchased some land in Tierra Blanca – we are thrilled. It was somewhat spontaneous – but not completely. When we visited PE in July of 2016 we fell in love with Tierra Blanca and looked at some other land in the area. We love that it is out of town, peaceful and the beach goes for miles and you see hardly anyone. You can surf out there and be the only one catching waves. It is also close enough to town to easily get anything you might need. We were hoping to look at land again this trip and we were super lucky that there was some available and with awesome neighbors!!! We do plan on building a home on the land. After his rotation in the hospital Michael recognized that the community is in need of more medical providers. Our dream is to one day spend more time in PE and to be able to give back to the community – whether through our own clinic or supporting the hospital.  As our boys grow older (Dillon is headed to college next year) and the medical school loans are paid off there is definitely potential for us to be in PE more than we are in the US.

  1. What was your surfing background? Did you or any of your family surf previously before you started coming to Oasis? 

Dillon and Ronan learned to surf when they were 7 and 9 in Dominical, Costa Rica (Mike and I had tried a few times here and there during previous travels and had better success in Costa Rica). After Costa Rica we moved to St.Maarten (an island in the Caribbean) for 2 years and the boys and I surfed there regularly. We also took a surf trip to Morocco which was incredible. Any time we travel to Santa Cruz, California we try to take advantage and get some surfing in. Once we left the Caribbean it has been challenging to surf regularly (living in a land locked state) but have been thrilled since we found PE and Oasis – everyone is making progress and continuing to improve in their surfing with our regular trips here.

  1. What do you feel makes Puerto Escondido unique/different from other beach vacations you have taken throughout your life?

Our family has traveled to many beach locations throughout our years of traveling and we have been coming to Mexico since our boys were babies (on the Caribbean side) and have always loved the country and the people. One of our favorite things about Puerto Escondido is that it does not feel touristy and does not have a bunch of resorts. We appreciate visiting places that remain authentic – the people are real and living their everyday lives. The people are kind and welcoming – it is a really beautiful community. Life in PE is simplified (something we are always striving for as a family) – food, water, shelter, family and surfing – laid back, loving and kind. The PE area is so beautiful and there is so much we have yet to explore, it is a place we know we can go to and always relax.


  1. Your favorite things around Puerto: Favorite surf spot? Favorite thing to do in Puerto when you´re not surfing? Favorite part of your Oasis experiences? 

Favorite Surf Spot: Ronan  – Tres Amigos   Dillon – Barra De La Cruz   Michael – Barra de la Cruz  Cheyenne – such a hard question – I love bits of every spot. I dream about La Punta on a medium to big day with no-one else out there ( I know it is a dream – will never happen – but such a nice wave for us goofy footers), Tierra Blanca and Tres Amigos – you have all the wave choices you could want and no worries about it being crowded, Barra De La Cruz and Roca Blanca are just such beautiful settings and fun waves.  Zicatela – we surfed it a couple times in July – even when it is small – you know there is so much potential power and you have to be so on it and paying attention!!!! It definitely gets the adrenaline pumping – there is so much excitement.  We love that there are always choices depending on the conditions.

When not Surfing: Number one is probably siesta – when we are at home it is always on the go all the time – school, activities, work. When we are in PE we can finally relax and hang out – the only thing scheduled is surfing. We also love visiting different beaches and swimming.  A favorite is also going really early in the morning to Zicatela when the waves are big to watch the guys (instructors – David, Luis, Jorge) surf – to feel all that energy and see how brave they are is so incredible.

Oasis experiences: We all really enjoyed the bird tour on the boat through the lagoon and mangroves, the baby sea turtles, learning about board shaping at Oasis surf factory – pretty much everything. Dillon working with Roger to create his first ever custom board was a fantastic experience and Dillon cannot wait to use the board in Hawaii.

Dillon y Roger

What Sol and Roger have accomplished with OASIS is incredible and totally spot on!!!  The instructors are wonderful – they have so much experience to share with the students. I know that my boys will always be safe – even if I am not out there with them.  The guidance they provide for all of us has helped our surfing improve tremendously. Even for the boys who have improved so much – there is always more to learn and the guides adjust according to their needs. The entire program is organized and runs like a well-oiled machine, yet we always feel chill and relaxed while out there. Exactly what we want.  From the first day that we met Sol, Roger, office staff, surf instructors and La Barca house staff we have always felt welcomed like family.  We honestly consider all of them to be family.  We appreciate everything Sol and Roger have done for us and look forward to our next visit to PE (we miss everyone the minute we get on the plane), until then we are counting the days until we see them in Hawaii for the surf retreat. We just wish all the staff could come too!!


Sharing waves & cultures

Rugby player Mikaere Ngamotu came to Oasis from New Zealand to learn Spanish and surfing, and taught us a lot about his Maori roots in return!

On the final night of his trip to Puerto Escondido, the Oasis family all gathered together at La Barca Surfhouse where Mikaere kicked off the fun night of coaching and socializing by performing a traditional Maori whaikōrero (speech) and haka for everyone. Before commencing, Mikaere explained the origins of the haka, it´s cultural significance, and how it has evolved over many years from representing intimidation to a sign of respect and admiration.


Hakas were first created and performed on the battlefield, as a war dance between clashing Maori tribes. They sought to intimidate and scare their opponents through aggressive facial expressions, body movements, grunts, and cries all performed in precise rhythm and unity. They also believed they were calling upon the God of War to protect them during battle.

Over time, the haka evolved and took on a new meaning of pride, community strength and means of showing respect. Within New Zealand, the haka is typically performed at the start of major national events (particularly rugby matches), as well as during occasions of personal importance such as weddings, funerals, or in the presence of special guests.

For most, Mikaere´s performance was the first exposure to Maori culture so it was a special experience that was enjoyed by all. Chatting with another one of our students afterwards, she talked of how great it was to have such an open exchange of cultures with mutual respect and appreciation. One of the things that makes Puerto Escondido unique is that there is so much diversity in such a small community, which you´ll likely begin to notice as soon as you meet all of the team here at Oasis. Come be part of our family and share your culture with us too!

Mike 3

Memories made together last a life time… family vacation experience.

Andrea, Ross, and their 4 year old son Nalu came to see us from the renowned ski-resort town of Tahoe, California and quickly became part of the Oasis family.

Chatting with Andrea, she gave me a snapshot of life back home (where at the time of our poolside conversation, it had just snowed 11 inches). Both her and husband Ross work full-time, her as a doctor at a community clinic and Ross for a water company. Both active, outdoor-enthusiasts and dedicated snowboarders, they came to Oasis ready to tackle surfing.


This was Andrea and Ross´s first big trip with their young son without any accompanying family members so it was a little daunting at first, but Oasis arranged a nanny for Nalu who helped to lighten the load.

´´It was a game-changer, we will never travel any other way from now on. Knowing Nalu was safe and happy really allowed me and my husband to relax, focus on our surfing and Spanish classes, and even have a night to ourselves to go for a nice dinner. We are so grateful Oasis arranged such great care for our son´´ Andrea explained.

The family had traveled to other parts of Mexico previously, and Andrea raved about how safe she felt in Puerto Escondido and the convenience of the Oasis and La Barca location. She also noticed how much cleaner and well-maintained Puerto was compared with other beach towns in Mexico they had been to, but at the same time, loved how much local culture was still present here.

As for their Oasis experience, the friendliness and professionalism of all of the staff and instructors really stood out for the family as well as the fact that everyone was always on-time and well-organized. Andrea said ´´Oasis made me feel like a princess; we would show up and our boards would be waxed, loaded on the truck, and all of the instructors enthusiastic and ready to go. I caught the best wave of my life and the whole thing was captured by the Oasis photographer on the beach, which made it even better.´´

Their only complaint was that they couldn´t stay longer. Even after 17 days they felt like they were just getting into the swing of things, so next year they are hoping to return for 3 months and really settling into Puerto life while working to further improve their surfing and Spanish skills. We sure hope so, it is going to be awfully quiet around here when Nalu leaves!

Surf trip Barra de la Cruz, an unforgettable experience

The Surf Trip to Barra de la Cruz was, without a doubt, beyond our expectations. The waves were amazing and the group was so friendly that it felt like surfing with your own buddies.

The trip was meant to start on Monday, July 31st, but that day mother nature decided to give us one of the biggest swells of the year. The WSL ran the Big Wave Puerto Challenge 2017 that day, so we all agreed to stay and enjoy the event and the big waves show.


On Wednesday August 2nd, we were ready to leave. We met at Oasis at 6am, pack the surfboard, bagpacks, coolers and many other things that we (organizers) packed with the intention of making our stay more comfortable 🙂 , and at 6:30 am we were finally on our way south.

The day was cloudy and windy and our expectations of finding Barra on one of its epic days, slowly started to vanish. Despite the weather conditions, the group was in great spirits. Some of the boys had left families and wives behind looking for four full days of surf and complete relaxation and we were only 2 hours away from the dream beach.


We arrived in Barra at 9am and doña Blanca, the landlord, had prepared us a delicious traditional breakfast with home made tortillas, organic coffee from the local plantations, fruits, eggs, cereal and yogurt. So after a big meal and settling in our rooms, we headed down to the beach. Continue reading Surf trip Barra de la Cruz, an unforgettable experience

Weekend trip to the Magic Town – San Jose del Pacifico

San Jose del Pacifico is a beautiful hillside town located high in the mountains, about 2440 meters above sea level. The town is surrounded by ancient trees, clouds and pure water. The town offers amazing panoramic views of the Oaxacan Southern Sierra.

San José del Pacífico is a great place to go for a stroll around the woods. This town is also famous for its wild mushrooms (particularly of the magic variety) and the natural herbs used for natural medicine. There are several restaurants and cabañas as well as a few shops and cafes.


Our trip will start on Saturday, at noon. We will leave from Oasis to San Jose del Pacifico, arriving approximately around 4 pm to San Jose. Once we arrive, we will have time to settle in a nice and small cabaña, with a fire place in the center. After settling down we will have time to walk around and get to know the town. There are very nice small coffee shops to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate overseeing the mountains. After sunset we will gather at one of the cabañas to cook, enjoy the fireplace, listen to music while we prepare dinner with our special chef J. Dinner will be a delicious surprise, jeje…

The following morning we will have breakfast in a small café and organize a morning walking tour through the woods. At 11am, those interested may also participate in the traditional temazcal.

We will make the check out from the cabaña at 12pm, have something to eat and head down to Puerto after that, arriving around 6pm.



Traditionally, in our ancient culture, the Temazcal was taken with healing purpose.

The heart of temazcal is entry into a dark chamber filled with steam and select aromatic plants and herbs, and being carefully guided through ritual stages by one who has learned function, effect and procedure through years of training.

Historically, many societies have considered sweating as being both therapeutic and healing, as sweating removes toxins. In a sweat bath where rocks are heated and water is poured over them, an abundance of negative ions is released into the air, combating fatigue and tenseness.

The Trip includes:

Transportation to San Jose

Dinner on Saturday night

Walking morning trip on Sunday

Accommodation arrangements – booking (this will be a shared cabaña, for 4 people, with fireplace and private bathroom)

Cost per person 1000$ MXN (excluding The Temazcal and additional meals other than Saturday Dinner)