Nalu y Barchi

Memories made together last a life time… family vacation experience.

Andrea, Ross, and their 4 year old son Nalu came to see us from the renowned ski-resort town of Tahoe, California and quickly became part of the Oasis family.

Chatting with Andrea, she gave me a snapshot of life back home (where at the time of our poolside conversation, it had just snowed 11 inches). Both her and husband Ross work full-time, her as a doctor at a community clinic and Ross for a water company. Both active, outdoor-enthusiasts and dedicated snowboarders, they came to Oasis ready to tackle surfing.


This was Andrea and Ross´s first big trip with their young son without any accompanying family members so it was a little daunting at first, but Oasis arranged a nanny for Nalu who helped to lighten the load.

´´It was a game-changer, we will never travel any other way from now on. Knowing Nalu was safe and happy really allowed me and my husband to relax, focus on our surfing and Spanish classes, and even have a night to ourselves to go for a nice dinner. We are so grateful Oasis arranged such great care for our son´´ Andrea explained.

The family had traveled to other parts of Mexico previously, and Andrea raved about how safe she felt in Puerto Escondido and the convenience of the Oasis and La Barca location. She also noticed how much cleaner and well-maintained Puerto was compared with other beach towns in Mexico they had been to, but at the same time, loved how much local culture was still present here.

As for their Oasis experience, the friendliness and professionalism of all of the staff and instructors really stood out for the family as well as the fact that everyone was always on-time and well-organized. Andrea said ´´Oasis made me feel like a princess; we would show up and our boards would be waxed, loaded on the truck, and all of the instructors enthusiastic and ready to go. I caught the best wave of my life and the whole thing was captured by the Oasis photographer on the beach, which made it even better.´´

Their only complaint was that they couldn´t stay longer. Even after 17 days they felt like they were just getting into the swing of things, so next year they are hoping to return for 3 months and really settling into Puerto life while working to further improve their surfing and Spanish skills. We sure hope so, it is going to be awfully quiet around here when Nalu leaves!

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