Oasis instructors are certified, experience and surf lovers! No matter your age, your surf skills and your background, Oasis designs a personal course for you to enhance your learning.

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About Oasis schooling :

  • Lessons are 2 hours of duration and on an ample schedule every day of the week from Monday to Saturday.
  • Only to 2 students per instructor in order to ensure safe and fun surf! Besides, lessons are conducted both in English and Spanish, and for all levels and ages.
  • Depending on your level, lessons include theory (safety measures, right of way, wave reading) and practice in the sea (padding techniques, wave riding, take off, timing and all tricks).
  • You will enjoy from high class Roger Ramirez surf boards, daily cleaned rash guards and tropical waxes during all your lessons. All material is sponsored by professional surf brand Volcom.
  • Transportation from the school to the best-learning conditions beach of the day is included, giving you the opportunity of exploring different spots and waves according to your level!
  • Additional free of cost surf coaching supervised by Roger Ramirez and captured by a professional photographer (pictures and video) in order to provide you with the best orientation and analysis about your evolution as a surfer.
  • A Diploma level stating your board size, visited spots, gained skills and final level attained will close-up your program and certify your progress

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More than 10 years providing professional, high-quality surf and spanish lessons at an affordable rate. Best learning experience in Mexico !