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Surfing is a sport, and like any other sport, there is a great variety of excercises that can improve your performance.

Specially designed to boost functional strength, increase endurance and make you a stronger and more fluid surfer, Oasis Fitness for Surfing sessions are a great complement to your surf lessons.

Surfing uses a combination of both your aerobic and anaerobic energy system. In order to improve your cardiovascular fitness for surfing, you need to improve both of these systems simultaneously.

Fitness sessions are conducted by a professional instructor and adapted to all levels and ages. All material is provided during the classes, which are conducted 4 evenings per week.

It is an additional free of cost activity included for all customers booking a package of 1 week or more. These sessions are a great way to improve your overall fitness in a fun environment while getting to know your fellow Oasis surfers.



Oasis Fitness for surfing involves:

1. FLEXIBILITY & BALANCE EXERCICES: an essential part of any surfer´s regime. Enhancing your flexibility and your balance increases your joint´s potential to allow a more effective range of movements for surfing.

2. BASIC CORE TRAINING: based on aiding performance and injury prevention, core muscles are responsible for your overall physical condition.

3. PLYOMETRIC SESSIONS: to improve your speed and agility in all surfing manuevers.

4. AEROBIC TRAINING: to boost your fitness condition, we include running sessions around the nice and quiet area of  Rinconada.

5. STRENGTH TRAINING: using resistance bands, Swiss ball and free weights exercises to strength all specific muscles involved on surfing.

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