Oasis Surf Coach

Surf coach id adapted for all levels of surfers. Nevertheless, intermediate to advance surfers will better enjoy from our in-house expertise and wide-range coaching techniques.

Because we care. 

By the end of your program, your level will reach a significant progression. Surf coach sessions have been designed to consolidate and acknowledge your best potential and your attained skills!

Surf coach sessions are supervised by Roger Ramirez and assisted by a professional photographer that will take pictures and videos to capture your greatest moments of the day. We’ll take care of collecting and selecting the best for you!


Afterwards, students and Oasis Surf Crew will gather together around delicious mexican dinner and snacks to participate in a group review of the visual material collected.  All material will be analyzed, and discussed to provide you with additional tips, polish your style and the better orientation about your evolution as a surfer.


Best of all? All the visual material will be provided to you so you can make your friends jealous 🙂

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More than 10 years providing professional, high-quality surf and spanish lessons at an affordable rate. Best learning experience in Mexico !