Oasis Surf Crew!

We want the best for you. Surf instructors crew of Oasis are all certified and highly experienced surfers and lifeguards. Their aim is to share their passion and to inspire your love for the ocean and the waves.

Our crew covers all levels and expectations, conduct the lesson in Spanish or English and wide range of  practice in the pacific waves!

Roger Ramirez

Surf coach, Manager of Surf programs

Co-founder and Manager of Oasis Surf & Language School, Roger belongs to the first generation of professional surfers in Mexico. With more than 30 years of surfing experience, Roger designs and supervises all coach sessions and program implementation

Follow him on instagram: @ramirezroger

Francisco Calleja

Surf instructor, Lifeguard, Spearfishing and Snorkling

Experienced surfer and lifeguard for more than 15 years, Paco is most of all and adventurous spirit and a nature lover defender. Professional spearfishing and free diving instructor, you will discover a beautiful universe with him!

Follow him on instagram: @paco_calleja

Sebastian Garcia

Surf instructor

Sebas Surf InstructorAmazing and complete surfer, Sebas enjoys ripping above head high waves and loves sharing his knowledge to provide coaching for all levels of students. His patiente and positivity will enhance all your potential!

Follow him on instagram: @tevii_18

Alberto Orozco

Surf instructor

Beto belongs to the new qroup ofIMG_20170510_170636_930 free surf lovers. Born in Tijuana, he came chasing the Mexican Pipeline and share his passion. Master of free riding performance, his patience and creativity will definitely make you adore surfing with us!

Follow him on instagram: @alberto_orozco0

David Luengas

Surf instructor

IMG-20170506-WA0004David is a talented and experienced big wave surfer (up to 15 feet high). Born in Puerto Escondido and with a deep knowledge of different surf spots around, no doubt you will have lots of fun aith this brave, youthfull and passionate surfer!

Follow him on instagram: @davidluengas1

Barchi Quadros

Surf instructor

BarchBarchi Surf instructori is a young local who grew up here in Puerto Escondido as well as the United States. He has mastered the art of body surfing and is one of our few instructors that prefer to toss the board and go au natural. It is impossible not to enjoy yourself with his young spirit.

Follow him on instagram: @el_barchi


Surf instructor

IMG_20170510_174949_289Juan is a great instructor working with people of all levels. His can do attitude will get you up and riding a board in no time with a big smile on your face!

Follow him on instagram: @juan.e.v

Patula (Oscar) Gonzales

Surf Instructor

IMG-20170506-WA0005One of our long time locals, who knows everything there is to know about the waters here, is one of our most patient instructors. He consistently picks perfect waves for his students, his calm no rush demeanor makes him a favorite among our beginners!

Christopher Tapia

Surf Instructor

18379220_10208140817990757_339503719_oChristopher belongs to the new generation of surfers. Young, motivated, and an excellent surfer himself. If you are an intermediate or advance surfer you will take advantage of his talent and knowledge. Great coach, patient and wise.

More than 10 years providing professional, high-quality surf and spanish lessons at an affordable rate. Best learning experience in Mexico !