Would you like to start speaking Spanish? Are you looking to consolidate your language skills? Do you love mexican culture? Are you a fan of mexican folklore?

This program is for you!

Spanish oriented programs are designed for language and culture lovers looking to take the most out of their experience in Puerto Escondido. Oasis packages are tailored to the student, no matter the age, level or background.

The weekly Spanish package includes:

  • ACCOMMODATION: fully equipped suite or private apartment with all the comforts including wifi, cleaning service, swimming pool, common area and terrace. All of our Surf Houses are within walking distance from the town center, the school, Carrizalillo beach and the area of Rinconada (a small boulevard full of cozy bars and restaurants). Learn more about our accomodation options here
  • SPANISH LESSONS: private tuition, from 1.5 hours (Regular course) to 3 hours of tuition per day (Intensive course) on an ample schedule from Monday to Friday. Oasis teachers are  professionally-certified and native Spanish speakers. Learn more about our schooling methos here.
  • LEARNING MATERIAL: following a Placement test, each student will receive a workbook from the School based on their specific level, specially designed and produced by Oasis in-house expertise.  From placement tests to listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises, the overall content of the lessons are individually-tailored to better reach your goals.
  • VALID CERTIFICATE: a school diploma level stating the number of lessons, hours and level attained will close-up your program and certify your progress.
  • SURPRISE ME EVENT: additional free of cost activities, such as city tours and cultural excursions to explore the culture in real environments are offered to students booking a Spanish package of 1 week or more. We will confirm a different activity every week. These activities have 1 hour of duration and they are a great way of practicing your Spanish outside the class as well as getting to know Puerto Escondido, its surroundings and the mexican culture. Learn more about these activities here.
  • DISCOUNT IN OASIS SURF SHOP: brand new and used surfboards, surf accesories, clothing, etc. If you are planning to surf with your own board, there is no need to pay extra baggage fees with your airplane ticket. You can purchase your custom board with us!

If you are also interested in our SURFING FITNESS PROGRAM sign up for these activities in the Reception: The Fitness package offers 4 classes in the evenings: Endurance (on Mondays), Yoga (on Tuesdays) Cross trainning (on Wednesdays) and again Yoga (on Fridays). Classes are specifically designed to enhance your surfing performance and gain general fitness, conducted by a professional instructor and adapted to all levels and ages. These activities are not included in the Spanish package but can be taken for a small additional fee.

2017 – 2018 Price list

We offer SPECIAL DISCOUNTS off the advertised price when staying at Mango Surf House or our alternative lodging options!

1 week
340 USD regular / 390 USD intensive
- 7 nights of accomodation
- 5 private Spanish lessons (regular or intensive course)
- 1 Surprise me event, tour
- Material learning and certificate
2 weeks
630 USD regular / 730 USD intensive
- 14 nights of accomodation
- 10 private Spanish lessons (regular or intensive course)
- 2 Surprise me event, tours
- Material learning and certificate
3 weeks
905 USD regular / 1055 USD intensive
- 21 nights of accomodation
- 15 private Spanish lessons (regular or intensive course)
- 3 Surprise me event, tours
- Material learning and certificate
4 weeks
1160 USD regular / 1360 USD intensive
- 28 nights of accomodation
- 20 private Spanish lessons (regular or intensive course)
- 4 Surprise me event, tours
- Material learning and certificate

Only looking for Spanish lessons?

If you have already sorted out your accommodation, you can also enjoy our Spanish program on its own. Contact us for more information!




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