Surf trip Barra de la Cruz, an unforgettable experience

The Surf Trip to Barra de la Cruz was, without a doubt, beyond our expectations. The waves were amazing and the group was so friendly that it felt like surfing with your own buddies.

The trip was meant to start on Monday, July 31st, but that day mother nature decided to give us one of the biggest swells of the year. The WSL ran the Big Wave Puerto Challenge 2017 that day, so we all agreed to stay and enjoy the event and the big waves show.


On Wednesday August 2nd, we were ready to leave. We met at Oasis at 6am, pack the surfboard, bagpacks, coolers and many other things that we (organizers) packed with the intention of making our stay more comfortable 🙂 , and at 6:30 am we were finally on our way south.

The day was cloudy and windy and our expectations of finding Barra on one of its epic days, slowly started to vanish. Despite the weather conditions, the group was in great spirits. Some of the boys had left families and wives behind looking for four full days of surf and complete relaxation and we were only 2 hours away from the dream beach.


We arrived in Barra at 9am and doña Blanca, the landlord, had prepared us a delicious traditional breakfast with home made tortillas, organic coffee from the local plantations, fruits, eggs, cereal and yogurt. So after a big meal and settling in our rooms, we headed down to the beach.


The conditions, as we were afraid, were not the best. The swell was still big and the “mar de fondo” (high sea level effect after a big swell) had brought the water all the way to the local resturant, destroying it completly and erasing part of the beach. It was hard to walk the 100 meters that separated the entrance to the peak, as there was not that much sand left. So guided by a local surfer we made our way to the beach through the bushes. It was not an easy task, as we were carrying big boards and no sandals, but after a 15 minutes walk, we were finally there. The boys wanted to try the wave so they all jump in the water. The current was ferocious and after paddling for about 20 minutes everybody was exhausted. Tibo and Yuuan manage to get some nice rides, but after an hour, everybody went in. Roger gathered the group and gave us a full feedback of the session.

_MG_9130That night we all went for some delicious pizzas and cold beers in a local restaurant to celebrate the first day of our retreat.

The next morning we all got up with the first light of the morning. We could hear the sound of the waves from where we stayed, the wind was offshore and the sky clear, promising an epic day of surf. We were all excited to see what Barra could offer us.  When we arrive to the beach, the lineup was empty and we could still see some solid sets but the waves were a lot more perfect than the day before.  Fair enough, we all jump happily in the water for a long surf session.

Meals were one of the best parts of the day. Doña Blanca is an excellent chef and Roosevelt her husband was always very friendly and helpfull. Shrimps, fresh fish, salad, rice and beans where some of her choises and we didn´t complain. After lunch we had some time to relax, have a nap and stretch with Ashley, an australian yoga teacher that was currently living in Barra with her local boyfriend.

_MG_9723After the yoga classes we all felt ready for our second surf session of the day. We tried some spanish lessons as well, but the day went so fast and the waves so perfect that the boys weren´t exactly in the study mode. Nevertheless, they made their effort by speaking most of the day Spanish and doing their homework when lying in the hammocks 🙂

Friday was even better than Thursdays in terms of the waves and Barra gifted us with some long and clean walls of warm blue water with very few people. It was exactly what we came looking for.

By the end of the week we all needed a professional massage to restore our bodies after very long surf sessions. We called an older lady, doña Chela, who came with her massage bed and gave us a wonderful session that left us happy and ready for our last day in this paradisiacal place.

IMG_0008Saturday was our last day and we all wanted to make the most out of it. It was the perfect day for a surf trip, so after our delicious breakfast with Doña Blanca, we departed further south to a very special and remote break, almost two hours from Barra de la Cruz.

Once we arrived, we took a hopeful look from the cliff to check the spot. The waves were small but clean with the day sunny and hot, so with lots of sunscreen in our faces, we prepare for a nice session in this marvelous break.

There were more surfers at this spot but the vibe was so chilled that everybody manage to get some nice, long rides. It was a perfect day for longboarders so Yuuan and Fran got the session of the day.

The trip got to an end and we were finally ready to go back to Puerto, happily fulfilled, with salty hair and sandy feet feeling that nice ache in your  body after four long days of surf.


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