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Programs specifically designed for surfers

Don't miss the opportunity to escape to a tropical paradise with Oasis for a unique experience where surfing, yoga and Mexican culture come together to take you on a journey of sport, health and wellness through the water element. Oasis invites you to live an intensive week-long experience where you will discover how yoga can complement the practice of surfing and help you to create a deep connection with yourself.

From beginner to advanced yogis and surfers, these retreats can accommodate your level. Check all dates


SUNDAY: opening cerEmony

Our program will formally start on Sunday.

Arrival time will be from 8 am until 4 pm and you will be able to check-in in your accommodation any time after 1pm. 

At 4 pm we will all depart from El Nopal Surf House to go to Bacocho beach. Here, the group will watch the sunset and participate on the opening ceremony at the beach.  After sunset we will return to El Nopal Surf House to share a delicious Welcome Dinner at Cafe Nopal.


Morning Yoga (6.30 - 7.30 am): We will start the day preparing the body and mind for the daily surfing session through breath work and conscious fluid movement in order to awaken and center the body and its energy.


Breakfast (7.30 - 8.30 am): Healthy buffet-style breakfast in a designated area of El Nopal Surf House in coordination with Café Nopal. 

Surf Theory Class (9.00 - 10.00 am): This will be your first contact with surfing and our instructors before you get into the water. This 1-hour class on Monday mornings is focused mainly on ocean knowledge, safety and basic surfing techniques.

Check-in at Oasis Reception (10.00 - 11.00 am): You will complete some paperwork to help the team get to get to know you better. You will also be given a Surf Journal as part of your Welcome Kit where you will register details about the conditions and equipment, as well as record your goals and track your improvements each class.

Afternoon Surf Session (3.00 - 5.00 pm): Let's go surfing! This will be your first class with us. We will pair you with somebody with a similar surfing level and take you to the beach with the best conditions of the day for you. Remember to register your session in your Journal!

Evening Yoga Session (6.00 - 7.00 pm): Yoga class to unwind and end the day by returning to ourselves and to take care of our body through Hatha and Yin Yoga practice. 


Morning Yoga (6.00 - 7.00 am ): Every morning we will prepare our body and mind for daily surfing sessions through breath work, conscious and fluid movement in order to awaken and center the body and its energy.

Morning Surf session (7.00 - 09.30 am): Let's go surfing again! We will always take you to the beach with the best surfing conditions to suit your level. Surf lessons include surfboard rental for the class and transportation to the beach from Oasis School.  Tuesday and Thursday we will include a group surfing photo session. This material will be used for the afternoon coaching sessions and will be given to each student at the end of the week. 

Breakfast (10.00 - 11.00 am): Healthy buffet-style breakfast in a designated area of El Nopal Surf House in coordination with Café Nopal. 

Free Time (11.00 - 4.00 pm)

Afternoon Coaching Session (4.00 - 5.00 pm): Tuesdays and Thursdays we will have a 1-hour class focused on surf coaching. Our instructors will give you useful tips to keep progressing in the sport. Wednesday and Friday we will analyze your progress using the surf pictures taken the day before.

Evening Yoga sessions (5.45 - 7.00 pm): Yoga class to unwind and end the day by returning to ourselves and to take care of our body through Hatha and Yin Yoga practice. On Friday we will take part in a Kundalini and Sound healing workshop.


Morning Half Day Surf Trip (6.30 am - 11.00 am): We will take you to a beach 30 - 45 minutes from Puerto Escondido. In this beautiful, uncrowded spot we will find with nice, long waves, ideal for all surfing levels surrounded by lush tropical scenery.


Breakfast (11 - 12.00 pm): Healthy buffet-style breakfast in a designated area of El Nopal Surf House in coordination with Café Nopal.


Tlaloc Closing Ceremony (4.00 - 6.00 pm): We will spend the afternoon at Villa Temazcalli, where we will have the opportunity to experience another ancestral ritual that is part of the Mexican culture. The temazcal is an ancient practice of purification and healing and it remains an integral part of Mexican culture preserving the rituals and knowledge of pre-Hispanic civilizations. This ritual takes place in a traditional steam bath made out of stones and clay.

After this relaxing, detoxifying and healing experience you will have the opportunity to take a massage with one of our favorite massage therapists to close the week in the best way. 


Sunday will be our last day and no activities are planned. 

Check-out time from the rooms is at 11am, but you can leave your bags in the reception area if you will be departing later in the day.

opening cerEmony 

The opening ceremony is an important moment of this experience as it is an opportunity to start this journey together and within each of us . Through a ceremony specific to Mayan and Toltec culture, we will have the opportunity to connect with the universal divine, and with the divine that resides within each one of us, in order to make contact with ancestral wisdom and knowledge.It will also be a time and opportunity to define the intention to be carried out during this week together to try to synchronize what we want to create around us.



As part of your program you will have:

1-hour of a Surf Theory class on Monday morning on the top roof of El Nopal Surf House. This will be your first contact with surfing and our instructors before you get into the water. This 1-hour class is focused mainly on ocean knowledge, safety and basic surfing techniques.

You will have 5 surf lessons at beaches around Puerto Escondido with the best conditions of the day for your level. Classes are roughly 2 hours, and you will be placed with someone of a similar surfing level as the classes work with 2 students per instructor. 


Surfing equipment and transportation to the beach is also included in your package. The school will also provide a rash guard to use for classes, and you will have your personal surf journal to register your progress.

4 coaching sessions during the afternoons (Tuesday to Thursday) where an experienced surf instructor will give you useful technique information as well as photo and video analyze to keep progressing in your surf.

Group photo sessions during your surf lesson twice a week.

1 half day surf trip to a remote and paradisiacal beach with nice waves to practice what you have learned along the week.


A symbiotic relationship exists between yoga, meditation and surfing. From surfing you gain immersion and connection with nature by capturing positive energy. It is a fun 'challenge with yourself and the waves'; from yoga and meditation you get a great exercise that helps to decrease stress, increase awareness and improve balance and flexibility.


To provide a comprehensive and supportive experience, you will be involved in a daily morning practice that aims to prepare your body and mind for surfing. In the evenings, a slower, more mindful practice will be offered in order to relax your body and mind and to prepare you for the final meditation to end the day with awareness. 

Yoga Class


Tuesday and Thursday a photographer will gather photos during your morning surf lessons. This material will be used for the coaching sessions that will take place Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon class.

Our surf instructors' team will analyze the pictures and give you useful feedback and tips in order to keep progressing and developing skills on the sport.

Students will also benefit from technique videos and useful information given by our head coach and surf legend Roger Ramirez.

By the end of this experience these pictures will be given to each student for no extra cost, just remember to bring a USB.


Through the Kundalini laboratory and sound bath we will have the opportunity to experiment and integrate refined physical and mental healing techniques.


Kundalini yoga is considered a science of the body and mind that has no boundaries or distinctions - it is for everyone, it is Universal. It represents one of the oldest and most powerful practices of yoga. It is known as the yoga of consciousness, focusing on self-awareness and offering an experience of your highest consciousness.


Sound Meditation employs techniques in such a way that it can generate profound healing experiences for listeners.


Sound as a channel to disconnect from discursive thought and delve into the transcendental state. To quiet the mind and bring the Being to a space of calm and rest.


half day surf trip

On Saturday we will take you for a whole morning of surf and fun to enjoy the tranquility, solitude and beautiful natural environment of this spot located 45 minutes from Puerto Escondido. 

The topography of the beach combined with the depth of the water and presence of large rocks makes this right handed wave a perfect spot for finishing our week.

Here you will have the opportunity to put in practice what you´ve learned while you enjoy a longer and relaxed surf session.

CLOSING cerimony 

We have the pleasure of concluding this journey together with an ancestral ritual called Temazcal, a pre-hispanic healing practices that integrates meditation, detoxifying, purification and healing. It symbolizes returning to our mother's womb where the fire element is predominant and a rebirthing through the water element. 

The group will be guided by an experienced yoga and meditation teacher that will explain the process of the temazcal and the type of herbs used as well as the 4 doors (or steps) in which this experience it´s divided. Each door represents a cardinal point, a season and an element in nature. We will set and intention for each door and by the end of the experience you will feel rejuvenated and transformed.

After this unique experience you will be able to enjoy a relaxing massage at the top roof of El Nopal Surf House with our favorite massage therapist.




El Nopal Surf House is a unique Condo style House home of 14 small cozy apartments.

These apartments are fully equipped with small kitchens, terraces, bedrooms with AC, private bathrooms, wifi internet and cleaning service every third day. 

The House also provides a beautiful open space with a pool surrounded by a quiet and nice tropical garden.

On the top roof of the building, we have a wonderful palapa with panoramic views where our yoga classes and surf coaching sessions will be held. 

Cafe Nopal is located right in front of this trendy condo. With a beautiful open terrace, the Cafe specializes in good coffee and healthy food. Our artisanal bakery offers a great variety of pastries and snacks (some of them gluten free) as well as natural juices, smoothies and main dishes for breakfast or lunch.











Ayurvedic massage 

Relaxation massage 




5 surf lessons

1 surf trip

2 surf photography sessions

1 Surf theory class

4 session of surf coaching evolution 

9 yoga lessons

1 workshop 

2 ceremonies

6 breakfasts

1 dinner

7 nights of accommodation

1 surf journal book


dinner (except for sunday)


optional activities 

pick up and drop off at the airport

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