El Café Nopal – Oasis Family Hub

Born from a wish to provide a social hub for the Oasis family, El Nopal first opened its doors to the public in July 2019. Tucked off of Rinconada and close to the school, it has served its purpose, and some, ever since!

The ethos of Nopal is in keeping with the healthy Surf and Ocean based lifestyle that Oasis, and all its members, embody. Bright and healthy, the menu offers fresh juices and smoothies, many veggie options, fruit filled breakfasts, Mexican classics and portions to satiate those post surf appetites.

Their coffee is also on point! They source their beans locally making the time from the field to your cup next to nothing- and it really shows in the taste.

Nopal also likes to tread as lightly on the earth as possible so you’ll find all their takeaway containers are compostable.

As a space it has been beautifully done, with chic décor, seating inside and out and, fittingly, you’ll find nopals all over. On top of this, literally, there’s also a large shaded roof terrace if you and a bigger group of people are looking to grab a coffee or something to eat. Or, if you need a quiet place to work remotely or just decompress after the hustle and bustle of town, I think it’s the most relaxed spot around.

The café also serves as the space to house both our ‘Welcome Evenings’ and ‘Coaching Nights’- so, whether you’re there for work, play, surf or just chilling, you’ll always be amongst friends.