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Holiday Highlights: Surf Tripping with Oasis

We met early at the Oasis school, coffees in hand and laden with enough food to satisfy some surfer sized appetites for the day. Boards strapped on, and the van filled with excited people, we set off south as the sun rose over Puerto Escondido.

After 3 hours of driving, with a couple pit stops along the way, we turn off the main road and follow a palm-tree lined dirt road that eventually opens out onto a secluded beach with small but perfect, soft, long right-handed waves rolling in.

Covered in zinc we paddle out for 2 hours of coaching on fun filled waves. The length and softness of the waves was perfect for allowing you the time to practice and try out new things with your surfing, and the uncrowded break makes it stress free.

Under the shade of one of the beach’s Palapas we all have time to relax, eat and get some well needed shelter from the sun before our second surf session of the day. A quick small swig of Mezcal “for digestive purposes” and a small power nap later we were ready for the water again.

this is where a short description goes

And it didn’t disappoint. Another few hours of catching small but fun waves, amongst the obligatory few wipe-outs, to the sound of your friends cheering you on, solidified the days status as “The Best of Our Trip” amongst everyone.

The sun set, we travel back to Puerto bleary eyed and aching, unable to see much through the darkness but the smiles of ten very happy surfers.

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