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Your Oasis guide to some of our most popular questions.

Below is our guide to some of our most frequently asked questions by guests before they book their stay with Oasis. If you don't see an answer that pertains to you, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help!

  • Can I start my package on any day of the week?
    Yes, you can start your package any day of the week. A weekly package includes 7 nights of accommodation + 5 surfing and/or Spanish lessons, regardless of what day you start.
  • Can I extend my stay or add more classes?
    Absolutely! Once you're here, you are always welcome to add additional classes and extend your stay pending we have availability. We do offer a discount for each additional week of a package if it is booked and paid in advance though.
  • Do you provide airport transportation?
    Airport transportation is not included, but the airport in Puerto Escondido is small and easy to navigate. The airport is about 5 minutes away from Oasis Surf and Spanish School and our accommodations. All of the transportation services at the airport are safe, economical, and they know our location.
  • What is the best time of year to visit?
    One of the best things about Puerto Escondido is that anytime of the year is great time to come visit. We have warm water and air temperatures here year round, as well as plenty of sunshine. We also have several different beaches we use for lessons depending on a student’s ability, as well as the swell size and conditions, so anytime of the year is suitable for beginner to advanced surfers. You will enjoy meeting the variety of international travelers who arrive during all months as well!
  • Can I use the surfboard before or after of my surf lessons?
    We offer the option to rent any of the surfboards from our school. The standard rates are 400 mxn /day and 300 mxn/half-day.
  • Do you accept credit cards? Do you accept US dollars?
    Yes, a portion of your package (the accomodation part) can be paid with a credit card. We are also happy to accept US dollars here at Oasis, but please be advised that this is not common elsewhere in Puerto. You can easily and reliably make cash withdrawals in pesos from the numerous ATMs around town.
  • What can I expect in a homestay?
    Our homestay program is designed to give our students a real feel for being part of a true local family. There is no air-conditioning in any of our homestay locations, as this is a luxury that is not common for locals. While we find the windows and fans to be very sufficient, it depends what you are used to. In Mexican culture, it is very common for several generations to live in the same household, so there is likely to be a variety of ages present. We have long-established homestay relationships with some really amazing families who are warm, welcoming and have given invaluable authentic experiences to countless happy students. As long as it’s the right fit for what you are looking for, we are sure you won’t be disappointed!
  • Do you offer advanced surf coaching?
    Yes, we have certain instructors on our team who specialize with advanced level students and can help with more complex maneuvers/techniques, barrel-riding, airs, etc. Part of our advanced coaching program also includes video and photography with analysis.
  • What is your Spanish teaching method and do you have classes for all levels?
    Our teaching method is focused on being able to converse with native speakers in practical situations. All grammar is introduced in a context, rather than in isolation. The idea is that the student can develop the skills to communicate in a everyday situations, like at a restaurant, hotel or in passing. We also incorporate our location. As our students are learning Spanish here in Mexico, we also focus on unique cultural elements, traditions, etc. It is also worth noting that our textbooks are tailored with in-house expertise, but do follow the standard CEFR levels. All classes are private 1 on 1 instruction to match your specific level and learning goals.
  • Do you offer programs for children? Is there a minimum age?
    We do offer Spanish and Surf lessons for children all ages after 5 years old. For surfing, we require that they know how to swim or are at least comfortable in the ocean and not afraid of waves. We will provide a 1.5 hour private lesson with one of our highly skilled instructors who will ensure the class is super safe and fun. We recommend starting with a package of 3 lessons, and if your child likes it, extend from there. Surf lessons for children under 8 years old need to be private. This is in order to ensure a safe and fun class where your child will receive preference attention from the surf instructor. From our experience, children under 6 are a bit young for Spanish classes as it can be difficult for children of that age to remain engaged in a one-on-one classroom environment. If they are eager to learn a language though, we will offer them lessons specifically designed for their age with lots of games and activities to teach vocabulary. For children older than 6 years old we have designed a fun and educational program that guarantees a rapid progress.


Your Oasis experience is just a few clicks away. Check out some of our most popular packages.

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7 nights accommodations. 5 surfing lessons. Daily fitness classes. Community events and perks.



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7 nights accommodations. 5 surfing lessons. 5 Spanish classes. Fitness classes. Community events and perks. 



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7 nights accommodations. 5 Spanish classes. Daily fitness classes. Community events and perks.



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