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"Puerto Escondido is a tropical paradise with its own unique identity; the vibrant Oaxacan culture and traditions, stunning natural landscape, and incredible waves for every level of surfing combine to offer you an extraordinary setting that abounds with the perfect mix of liveliness and tranquility. We are waiting to share the complete local experience with you, receiving you as part of our family - the OASIS FAMILY!" Sol & Roger  


Roger Ramirez and Sol Fernandez opened Oasis in 2005. The concept of combining surf instruction and Spanish as a foreign language occurred spontaneously; Oasis was the first of its kind in Puerto Escondido. Although it was a brand-new idea at the time, it was a natural fit when considering the background and expertise of both Roger and Sol.

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Born into a family of local fisherman in Puerto Escondido, Roger spent his entire life by the sea. His older brothers Lupe, Juan, and Miguel belonged to the first generation of surfers in all of Mexico. To this day, the Ramirez brothers are recognized as true surfing pioneers; respected for their contributions to the sport and the path they paved for many to follow. Motivated by his brothers and watching an increasing number of foreigners arriving to town in the name of surfing, Roger picked up a board at the age of 12 and by the age of 16 he was already a standout in the water. Over the next several years, Roger gained international fame and notoriety from his signature style in powerful waves, particularly in the heaving lefthand barrels of the Mexican Pipeline. He increasingly drew attention from magazines around the world with these published photographs, transcending borders and building his tube-riding reputation. Over the course of the next decade, Roger went on to enjoy a successful journey as a competitive professional surfer, supported by first-class surfing brands as his sponsors. During this time, he also began to gain experience in shaping and manufacturing surfboards. He traveled frequently to the United States and later to Europe to learn under some of the best hand-shapers in the industry and perfect his own craft, while simultaneously doing what he loved most: surfing.


In 2004, back in Puerto Escondido, Roger met his soulmate and life partner. An accomplished surfer herself, Sol Fernandez had arrived in Puerto Escondido from her home country of Uruguay two years earlier in search of better waves and a different lifestyle. She had studied for her Bachelor of Communication and was a qualified language professor by this time as well. When the pair got together, they combined their skillsets and passion to begin the exciting adventure eventually to be known as Oasis. 

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Oasis Surf and Spanish School began as a simple vision from two people wanting to share the things they loved, but it has grown to be much more than ever imagined. Along these years we have incorporated a great staff of surf instructors and Spanish teachers that with hard work, passion and dedication had contributed to offer an unforgettable fun learning experience to thousands of travelers from around the world.   

Oasis is not just a school, it’s an experience. Roger, Sol, and all the incredible staff transcend far beyond the classroom and the beach to assist in any way possible, forming genuine friendships with students and providing a true taste of the local way of life. Above all else, Oasis is a family and from the moment you arrive, you will feel ‘home’.

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