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Intuitive methods for guaranteed retention


Children learn in a unique way that is different from adults - that's why at Oasis, we have specially designed a fun and educational program that guarantees children safe learning and rapid progress. 


We alternate moments of focus and structure with times of play and relaxation. Our teachers have pedagogical training in teaching for children, which allows them to design personalized programs that set goals according to the age and level of Spanish of each student.

AGES 8-12

For children from 8 to 11 years old, the programs incorporate a wide variety of games that create a positive classroom atmosphere and a more effective learning environment as they tend to have a repetitive and cumulative nature that helps to consolidate and reinforce language structures.

AGES 13-15

For children from 12 to 14 years old, our programs focus more on a methodology that incorporates the use of texts, audiovisual material and topics which are familiar and interesting to adolescents.


Topics and themes for all ages have been chosen in order to enhance childrens’ familiarization with Spanish culture and local environment, to be used during their daily life in Mexico.


All Spanish packages can be combined with surf lessons; one of the most enjoyable activities in Puerto Escondido! All surf lessons are conducted by experienced surf instructors in a safe and fun environment close to our language School. Lessons are available in Spanish and English.

Spanish For Kids - Summer Camp


In our programs, your child will learn Spanish as a foreign language while they explore the local culture in a fun and safe environment. 

Our teachers have pedagogical training in teaching children, which allows them to design personalized programs that set goals according to the age and level of Spanish of each student.

For our younger students we recommend the Regular Spanish programs of 1.5 hours of private or small group classes tuition.

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Spanish For Kids - Summer Camp Surf Less


Custom Surfing time! Children will not only be learning how to surf, but will also be immersed in beach and surf culture. 

Surf lessons are semi-private (maximum 2 kids per instructor). We work with many instructors in order to ensure a safe and fun class for the kids with plenty of individualized instruction. 

The crew of surf instructors at Oasis are all certified and highly experienced surfers, lifeguards and waterman, so you can rest assured that your kids are in good hands!

At the beginning of their surf package children will have a personalized Surf Theory class in order to learn about the safety measures, practice surfing technique along with some functional exercises and games that will help kids feel more confident in the ocean. 


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