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Oasis surf instructors are certified, experienced and genuine ocean-lovers! No matter your age, your surf skills or your background, Oasis designs a personal course for you to enhance your learning outcome.

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Everything from popping up to catching barrels.

SURF packageS

Our surf packages are designed to ensure a safe, personalized, effective, and FUN experience.


Whether you simply want try out surfing once and tick it off your bucket list, desire to learn and practice the sport for life, or you are already an avid surfer seeking to further advance your skills and technique, Oasis can create the perfect package to suit your needs. Our packages are customized to cater to your specific age, level, physical fitness, and goals. 

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Puerto Escondido is home to some of the world's best waves. Whether you're learning for the first time in the white water or you're looking to get barrelled, we've got you covered.


The Oaxacan coast is full of secret spots with some of the most consistent conditions. From sand bottom point breaks to barreling beach breaks, our day trips are perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers looking for epic waves on deserted beaches.

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In addition to all of our standard inclusions, packages can be enhanced through a wide range of services including:

In-water, pro photo sessions

High performance coaching and surf guides for advanced and competitive surfers

Custom-made surfboards and board rentals


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Big surf legend and founder of Oasis Surf School, Roger Ramierz coaches students during intermediate and advanced lessons. Rogers ability to pinpoint inefficiencies in your technique will have you leaving the water a better surfer after one session. 

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Sponsored by Quicksilver Mexico, David has been surfing local breaks his entire life. Smart but aggressive in the lineup, he makes sure you get a high wave count during sessions. Perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers looking for the ultimate surf guide. 

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A former lifeguard and a natural waterman, Cris is one of our more technical instructors with an impeccable attention to detail. Perfect for students looking for the constructive feedback needed to break through barriers when it comes to their skill level and confidence in the water.

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Chester is a Puerto Escondido local who is eager to share his passion for the ocean with you. With a great knack for teaching and a calm and patient demeanor, he is especially suited for providing kids and beginner surfers with a positive introduction to the water. 

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Sponsored by 662, Luis is no stranger to big waves. Great for beginners and intermediates, Luis has an eye for finding sections of the break separate from crowded lineups to ensure you can focus on your form rather than competing with other surfers for the wave.  

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From big wave surfing to deep sea diving, Paco knows the waters of Puerto Escondido like the back of his hand. Great for all levels, Paco's laid back approach keeps even the most nervous surfers, calm, cool and collected, giving you the confidence you need to enjoy the ride. 

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Patu is one of our most dedicated instructors when it comes to teaching beginners. Sometimes the hardest part of surfing is to remember to relax and have fun. Patu knows what it takes to get you past the break so you can find your comfort zone and transition from white water to green waves. 

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Spend a week in the water with Jonathan and you'll make progress that would normally take months with most instructors. Technical, positive and fun, Jonathan has the unique ability to instil confidence in even the most timid surfers, making them more aggressive, smarter and safer in the water. 

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Your Oasis experience is just a few clicks away. Check out some of our most popular packages.

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7 nights accommodations. 5 surfing lessons, Surf theory, Yoga classes, Photo session, Coaching session, community events and perks.



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7 nights accommodations, 5 surfing lessons, 5 Spanish classes, Yoga, Photo and Coaching sessions, learning material, Diplomas, Community events and perks. 



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7 nights accommodations, 5 Spanish classes, Yoga,  Learning material, Spanish Diploma, Community events and perks.



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