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Some surfers have style. Others are known for their strength and technique. Some have passion and a few are brave. Roger Ramirez combines them all.

Born into a regional pioneer surfer family of Puerto Escondido that actively promoted and enhanced the practice of surf on the Pacific Coast, Roger Ramirez belongs to the first generation of professional surfers in Mexico.

Since early childhood, he was fascinated by the sea and the magic of surfing as a lifestyle. In a resource-constrained environment, Roger had to trigger his creativity for improving his equipment to better ride the powerful waves famous in Puerto Escondido. As a result, when he first started surfing, he also learned how to repair and customize his own boards.


The powerful and unforgivable waves of Puerto Escondido built Roger Ramirez’s strong and passionate character. Nicknamed the “Mexican Pipeline”, Puerto Escondido is ranked among the top ten big wave surfing destinations and has a constantly growing reputation out of Mexican borders.


Roger Ramirez name grew increasingly famous among International and national contests, and first class surfing brands supported his career. His name already resonated much further than the Pacific Coast. However, his deep passion for surfing needed to be shared beyond contests and legends.

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In 2005, Roger Ramirez launched Oasis Surf Factory, the first manufacturing shop for surfboards 100% hand-made in the South Coast of Mexico. One year later, together with his life and love partner Soledad Fernandez, Oasis Surf & Spanish School was opened to promote surf over the world and enhance the knowledge of Spanish culture and language.

Nowadays, as a surf coach and manager of the incredible crew of surfer instructors of Oasis Surf & Language School, the Mexi-Pipe warrior has found peace through teaching and inspiring other people with the love for waves and surfing lifestyle.

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