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“Shaping boards is a very unique and artistic job. Every surfboard is different and will work in a different way depending on who rides it” -- Roger Ramirez

Since early childhood, Roger Ramirez was fascinated by the sea and the magic of surfing as a lifestyle. In a resource-constrained environment, Roger had to trigger his creativity for improving his equipment to better ride the powerful waves famous in Puerto Escondido. As a result, when he first started surfing, he also learned how to repair and customize his own boards.

In 2005, Oasis Surf Factory was launched as the first manufacturing shop for surfboards, 100% hand-made in the South Coast of Mexico. Since then, Roger Ramirez has shaped more than a thousand surfboards.

All top-quality learning equipment provided during Oasis surf lessons come directly from the hands of Roger Ramirez.


Roger Ramirez shapes, glasses and finishes surfboards to rent or sell. Based on his own experience as a surfer, all boards are adapted to the needs and skills of the customer, as well as to the waves they are going to ride. Roger can make any type of board to spec. Our most common shapes are shown below. Contact us for more information or order your very own board from the sample shapes below. Once you select your desired shape, deposit of $500 USD is required. From here, Roger will work with you on elements like dimensions and design, to ensure your board is customized to your liking.


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