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Jul 15 - jul 26

Oasis Summer Camp program is specially designed for children between 7 and 13 years old. This program combines Spanish tuition with Surf classes in an innovating and fun way where your child will immerse in a 7 hour supervised course every day from Monday to Friday.


During the morning (9am until 12:30pm) your child will be in the Spanish campKids will learn Spanish in various ways combining fun learning activities such as: cooking, painting, making art projects and playing while exploring the local culture and site. All of these activities will be done in Spanish in an educational environment. In addition to these activities, they will have a 1 hour group formal class of Spanish tuition with a certified Spanish teacher. During the morning slot schedule, kids will have time to have a snack, so make sure to send them something light and healthy to eat and share with other if they want.

All classes will take place at the top roof palapa of La Barca Surf House, a very nice open space specially organized to hold the Spanish Summer Camp. During the camp kids will benefit from different open and close spaces ideal to accommodate the different learning activities that we have organized for the camp. 


On our first Monday we will meet at Oasis Language School and from there we will go to La Barca Surf House. Parents are also welcome to visit the space if they want. The rest of the week (Tuesday to Friday) we will ask parents to drop their children directly at La Barca Surf House before 9am.

Every Friday we will have outdoor activities. Parents will be informed of the location and Oasis Surf & Spanish School will provide the transportation.


At noon (12pm – 12:30pm) children will have time to eat lunch and get ready for the second part of the Camp: SURFING! At 12:30 pm the teacher in charge of the group will walk the children to Oasis Surf School.


From 12:30 – 1:00 pm your child will get ready to surf: waxing boards, putting sunscreen, doing warm up exercises and finally going surfing.


Surf Lesson will take place from 1pm until 3pm. Ideally we will go to Carrizalillo beach (just behind Oasis School) as this beach has a nice and gentle wave that allows kids to learn how to ride waves as well as getting more confident with the sea.

Every Monday new kids will have a Surf theory class in El Nopal Surf House pool and palapa. In this class children will learn the basics about safety measures in the water, paddling techniques, how to pass waves and where to position on the lineup. Children with previous experience or that are enroll for more than one week in the camp will go straight to the beach to surf. At 3pm the Summer Camp will end and parent will pick up their children at Oasis School.


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Kids will also have a 1 hour formal Spanish class where they will
follow a text book. In these classes they will be also learning in a
fun way but focused on gaining vocabulary and being able to communicate in different Spanish contexts.


learning activities

Each day of the week kids will have a different theme class.

On Mondays they will have Art, so the second activity of the day will be an art class with a theme related to the Spanish lesson that day. E.g. we will make fun puppets to review the presentation vocabulary learned during the morning class.

On Tuesdays they will have a Cooking class so during the first
hour of Spanish lesson they will learn about food vocabulary and during the second part they will be involved in the food preparation and cooking.

Wednesdays are planned to have fun learning game activities in Spanish

Thursdays are Story telling and Movie days, all in Spanish!

Fridays are another fun day of outdoor learning activities.


On Fridays during their Spanish class children will use all their skills to prepare a presentation of one of the themes learned in the week. This will be a group presentation and they will finish the day with a fun outdoor activity.

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Every afternoon kids will have custom Surfing time. Our program will be run in an inclusive, non-competitive environment for real focus on building self-esteem and confidence in the water. Kids will end up the camp with a good knowledge of the sport, the surf culture, the sea and it ́s environment. We believe that when kids fall in love with an outdoor sport they fall in love with the outdoors. And kids who love their planet become ambassadors for taking care of it.


The Surf Camp will start at 12:30 pm when kids arrive to Oasis
Surf School.

Kids will start by getting used to the Surf Ritual before getting
in the water
: waxing surfboards, getting the essential items
(leash and rash guard), putting sunscreen on and finally warming
up their bodies with some pre surfing exercises. Each day kids will
be taught about the surfing conditions of the day before going to
the water.

At 1pm kids with instructors will departure to the beach. Ideally,
we will be surfing at Carrizalillo beach as the waves are gentler
and softer, but if the surfing conditions are not good we will take
them to a different beach with better conditions to surf.
During the summer we may experience some more consistent
swells. If this were the case, we will offer the kids a different
activity in the beach
where we will use games and fun drills
where we will teach them vital safety water skills that will stay
with them for life.

The crew of surf instructors at Oasis are all certified and highly
experienced surfers, lifeguards and waterman, so you can rest
assured that your kids are in good hands!

At the beginning of their surf package (every Monday) children
will have a personalized Surf Theory class in the palapa and pool
of El Nopal Surf House to learn about the safety measures,
practice surfing technique along with some functional exercises
and games that will help them feel more confident in the
ocean. Children with previous experience or that are enroll for
more than one week in the camp will go straight to the beach to


At 3pm the Summer Camp will end and parent will pick up their
children at Oasis School.



450 USD
880 USD


3.5 hours of Spanish camp every day from Monday to Friday

  • Spanish tuition

  • Fun learning activities (art, cooking, movies, games)

  • Material for activities

  • Constant supervision during the camp 

  • 1Spanish textbook per week 

  • Transportation from La Barca Surf House to Oasis Surf School at 12:30pm every day

2.5 hours of Surf camp every day from Monday to Friday

  • Surf equipment.

  • Transportation from the School to the beach

  • Surf theory class.

  • Personalized attention (maximun 2 kids per instructor)

  • Surf lesson in the beach.

  • Organized water activities and drills to help children feel comfortable in the ocean.


  • Meals and snacks


Please remember to bring: water bottle with the kids name, a towel, sunscreen and
what your child would like to eat during the day.


Once you fill out the form below, we will contact you to confirm availability.

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