Day trip to Barra de la Cruz

17212050_1441612512578771_1727277216121257108_oLa Barra is a great little village – or `pueblo`- on the west coast of Mexico. This village is one of our favorite get aways to take our surfers out too. It is a bit of a drive, but completely worth it when you hop out of the car and see the beautiful endless beach with perfect waves. The waves on this beach are definitely ones to write home about. They are perfect right waves for beginners to intermediate surfers, but even experienced surfers can find their happy place amongst these waves.

The community is a tight nit one, they care about eachother and their land. There are not many outsiders who reside here but regardless of this you can feel the community warmth.

We try to make the trip out to La Barra every couple of weeks to spice up our surfing spots. Come join us next time!

Weekend trip to the Magic Town – San Jose del Pacifico

San Jose del Pacifico is a beautiful hillside town located high in the mountains, about 2440 meters above sea level. The town is surrounded by ancient trees, clouds and pure water. The town offers amazing panoramic views of the Oaxacan Southern Sierra.

San José del Pacífico is a great place to go for a stroll around the woods. This town is also famous for its wild mushrooms (particularly of the magic variety) and the natural herbs used for natural medicine. There are several restaurants and cabañas as well as a few shops and cafes.


Our trip will start on Saturday, at noon. We will leave from Oasis to San Jose del Pacifico, arriving approximately around 4 pm to San Jose. Once we arrive, we will have time to settle in a nice and small cabaña, with a fire place in the center. After settling down we will have time to walk around and get to know the town. There are very nice small coffee shops to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate overseeing the mountains. After sunset we will gather at one of the cabañas to cook, enjoy the fireplace, listen to music while we prepare dinner with our special chef J. Dinner will be a delicious surprise, jeje…

The following morning we will have breakfast in a small café and organize a morning walking tour through the woods. At 11am, those interested may also participate in the traditional temazcal.

We will make the check out from the cabaña at 12pm, have something to eat and head down to Puerto after that, arriving around 6pm.



Traditionally, in our ancient culture, the Temazcal was taken with healing purpose.

The heart of temazcal is entry into a dark chamber filled with steam and select aromatic plants and herbs, and being carefully guided through ritual stages by one who has learned function, effect and procedure through years of training.

Historically, many societies have considered sweating as being both therapeutic and healing, as sweating removes toxins. In a sweat bath where rocks are heated and water is poured over them, an abundance of negative ions is released into the air, combating fatigue and tenseness.

The Trip includes:

Transportation to San Jose

Dinner on Saturday night

Walking morning trip on Sunday

Accommodation arrangements – booking (this will be a shared cabaña, for 4 people, with fireplace and private bathroom)

Cost per person 1000$ MXN (excluding The Temazcal and additional meals other than Saturday Dinner)

Surprise Me event, Barra de Navidad

Every week we surprise the students with a touristic activity. This week we watched the beautiful sunset at La Barra, which is one of the more quite beaches close to Puerto Escondido. Special about this beach is that it contains not only saltwater from the sea, but also freshwater that originates from the mountains and forms a lake at the beach. Here you will find lots of bird and sometimes even crocodiles!

Getting ready for the summer with the medical students!

International students

It is a pleasure for us, year after year, to receive the medical students from CFHI. Child and Family Health International is a non profit organization (NGO) that provides community-based Global Health Education Programs for health science students and institutions.
CFHI provides individual trainees and university partners with opportunities to learn about global health while inbedded in existing health systems and social services sectors alongside local community members.

In Puerto Escondido, CFHI has two programs: Womens Reproductive Health and Tropical Medicine & Community-Based Care on the Coast of Mexico.

While living in Puerto, CFHI students stay with local families and attend to Health Care Centers as part of their medical program. In the afternoon students take Medical – Spanish lessons in Oasis Language School.

Students in a cooking class

During the weekends, students take advantage of local beaches for surfing or enjoying the great variety of adventurous water activities that this beautiful town has to offer.

CFHI students getting ready for a surf lesson
CFHI students getting ready for a surf lesson

Cultural and Bilingual Exchange Program

GREAT SUCCESS, cultural and bilingual Exchange Program between Oasis Language School and Languageland School

This Cultural and Bilingual Exchange Program gives the opportunity to english and spanish learners to practice their second language with native speakers, get to to know people from other countries and explore different cultures.
This program is free for english and spanish students from both schools, so take advantage of this unique opportunity!!intercambios/c6hy

More than 10 years providing professional, high-quality surf and spanish lessons at an affordable rate. Best learning experience in Mexico !