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It’s All About Helping You Progress

Surf Instructor, Luis Guerra, giving tips on how Oasis students can improve their surfing.

If, like me, you find one of the challenges of learning to surf is not being able to visualize where you’re going wrong, Oasis Surf provide a solution. Every Friday evening, in trendy Café Nopal just off Rinconada, surf students and instructors gather for complementary snacks, drinks and photo analysis.

Throughout our surfing week a professional photographer takes shots of us whilst catching waves and this provides the material for your coaching evenings- you’ll also have an opportunity to take your pictures home with you if you remember your memory stick!

As a group we view everyone’s pictures and the surf instructors give invaluable feedback on your paddle, positioning, take-off and ride. Not only is this information super useful in your progression as a surfer, the evening itself also gives everyone a great opportunity to socialize and to meet your fellow Oasis family members, and getting that all important, and sometimes needed, surfing community encouragement.


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