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And Breath- Yoga with Oasis

Yoga and surfing go hand in hand like the sun and sea- separately they’re wonderful but together it’s pure magic. The benefits of Yoga on your surfing are many and here we’ll talk you through some of them.

BREATH. Breath, and your ability to regulate it, is the foundation to the practice of Yoga and also hugely important when you’re out in the water. Having a good handle on breath regulation will not only give you energy and help you recover quicker, thus allowing you to catch more waves, but will also serve you well in keeping you confident and comfortable during those inevitable wipe outs and sets of waves crashing down on you after!

FLEXIBILITY. One of Yoga’s most sung about benefits is also hugely helpful with your Surfing practice. Surfers will find they are more agile on the waves, recover quicker between long days in the water and experience less injuries because their muscles are in a good condition to cope with excessive use.

BALANCE. It’s no secret that both surfing and Yoga require a lot of balance. Luckily, balance is like a muscle- the more you exercise it, the better it gets!

STRENGTH. If you’ve ever surfed before you’ll know the strength needed to be any good. From constant paddling, pushing up, the core strength needed to manoeuvre your board and the handling of waves when you find yourself stuck in the critical point. Yoga is a fantastic way to build strength in these target areas whilst also simultaneously helping them to recover.

MINDFULNESS. We all know that whilst surfing is full of fun and highs, it can also be pretty scary sometimes. Practicing Yoga can help you to build skills in slowing your mind and promoting calmness- a great card to have up your sleeve when out in the water on those bigger days.

All of this is great news if you’re looking to progress with your surfing. What’s even better news? Oasis provide a weekly evening schedule of yoga classes, along with other exercise sessions designed to compliment your surfing, all held on the beautiful roof top space of La Barca and free of charge as part of your package! Keep an eye on your emails as the weekly program will be sent to you at the beginning of each week.


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