Surfboards By Roger Ramirez

It could be said that a large part of the success of Oasis Surf School comes down to utilising the skills gained from the rich surfing history of the whole Oasis family. At the head of this family is co-founder Roger Ramírez, local Puerto Escondido surfing legend and Surfboard Shaper extraordinaire!

Having started to surf at the age of 14 years old, Roger went on to become one of Mexico’s first generation of Professional Surfers, supported by some big surf names and competing both nationally and internationally. Having spent time in San Diego, CA honing his board

making skills and becoming well renowned for his glassing, Roger went on to later create the South Coast of Mexico’s first Surfboard manufacturing shop, ‘Oasis Surf Factory’ in 2005 and then later co-founded ‘Oasis Surf & Spanish School’ with his partner Soledad Fernandez the following year- as you can see, Roger has been an integral part of the Surfing industry his whole life. With this impressive back catalogue it’s not surprising that he knows exactly how to make bespoke boards that work for any surfer and the variety of waves they’ll be riding.

Planning on having surf lessons with Oasis? If so, you’ll be coached on a Roger Ramírez board, as all the school boards are shaped, glassed and finished by the man himself! If you loved what you rode, or you’re already convinced, why not get your very own custom board made?

With all materials being quality sourced straight from the US, you’ll have a board to be proud of. Get in touch through the contacts page above to chat about your requirements, cost and timeframes!